Writing for Fun

Monday, August 15, 2005

Haiku Contest Winner

look at the dark night
I can not see anything
feel fear in my heart


Congratulations to Sao number 2 on her winning haiku!

It was a very difficult decision. I used the same guidelines as before to arrive at a winner:

1. Followed the formula for writing a haiku.

2. No spelling or grammar errors.

3. Creative and original.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry. Don't be discouraged! Just because you didn't win doesn't mean your haiku wasn't good.

Here are some other interesting entries.

She look like my mom
Small, thin and very beautiful
Everything is perfect


When it is raining.
The wind blow to shaking leaf.
I feel moist nature.


A beautiful night.
And I feel lonely.
I need love for along time.



The sign of pureness
It brings us felicity
Falling from the sky


I believe in love
It make me feel so happy
But sometime it hurt


Thanks again everyone! I will try to create a new contest soon.